My Abarth has been the new best car I've owned, I have 22K miles. I bought a 2013 model last Feb and got $6,500 off MSRP. I have a base Abarth with a sunroof, I think MSRP was $21.6K. It's an awesome and extremely cheap car to own. The dealer included four oil changes for me, I haven't even had to pay for oil… » 2/17/15 1:34pm 2/17/15 1:34pm

The dealership might not be at fault but they certainly aren't providing the service that they advertise. A auto dealership should be able to repair the vehicles that they sell. When a dealer can only bolt and unbolt parts they run a wasteful business that turns away customers and hurts the automaker. » 2/13/15 5:46pm 2/13/15 5:46pm